Orofacial pain

Orofacial pain is associated with joints, muscles or nerves anywhere in the face, mouth, gums or teeth, and can impact on important functions such as speech, emotional expression, chewing foods, and life-saving reflexes. It includes pain in the ears, eyes, sinuses, cheeks or side of the head, dystonias (involuntary muscle contractions), and clicking or locking of the jaw.
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Suzanne's story

Before the onset of my pain, I was a healing therapist, taught meditation and was a musician. Music and sound were part of my life.

Orofacial pain
Anastasia's story

I used to smile a lot, but these days I tend not to do that, because I've lost too many teeth.

Orofacial pain


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for the millions of people living with chronic pain, and to minimise the burden of pain on individuals and communities across Australia.


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